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The Learning and Development Committee

The John Acaster Memorial Writing Competition

The Learning and Development Committee was delighted to have received a large number of entries for this Competition and wishes to thank each of the contributors for their efforts. The quality and content of the submissions made the judges deliberations both interesting and lengthy and together form a fitting tribute to WBro John Acaster.

Nuggets” competition winner:
“In the body of a lodge, just, perfect and regular”
Bro Robert Anthony Graham
Prince Edwin Lodge No 128, Radcliffe.

CLICK HERE to download.

Papers” competition winner:
Bro Bill Lister
Zion Menorah Lodge No 1798 at Manchester.

CLICK HERE to download in full.

2 worthy runners up in the nuggets competition: “Inspirational Thoughts For Us All” by Bro Robert MacMillan, a member of Prince Alfred Lodge No 1218 at Mossley which can be READ HERE and;

“The Key Tenets Of Freemasonry” by Bro Christopher Edward Byrom, a member of East Lancashire Centurion Lodge No 2322 at Manchester which can be READ HERE.

Postponement of Let’s Talk Masonry Conference 2020

Dear Conference Attendee,
With much regret it has been decided to postpone this year’s Annual Conference which was due to take place on Saturday 28th of March at Salford Masonic Hall.
The conference has been planned with an international theme and a number of the guest speakers were due to travel to this country specially for it. In view of the ongoing concern around the transmission of the Coronavirus through international travel, it is felt that it would be better to wait until we can ensure the attendance of all our high calibre speakers.

A further announcement as to a new date for the Conference will be made in due course.

For those that have already purchased tickets to the conference, your booking will remain valid when the event is rescheduled and you will have the option of a refund if it is inconvenient.

Yours fraternally,
Jo Glass
Chairman Event Management
Learning & Development Committee

This central Committee of the Province is involved with and develops many initiatives. In the main, our work is aimed at making Freemasonry in East Lancashire more understandable and enjoyable for all who take part. We also provide support to many other activities taking place in the Province.

Why not look at our Masonic Lectures, Ritual Walkthroughs or Frequently Asked Questions?

The Solomon Initiative

The work of the Committee is generally project-led, with a wide range of activities undergoing development or delivery at any one time.

Committee members bring their experience from a broad background, both Masonic and vocational, which enables them to be highly effective in the work that they undertake.

We regularly link the work of the Provincial Mentor and Provincial Chairman of Communications, and they are ex officio members of the main Learning and Development Committee. Thus the main Committee are able to support the Heads of each of these areas of activity and the work that they do in the Province for Communications and Mentoring. The members Committee largely comprise the Chairman and some 18 to 20 members.

The Conference sub-Committee has organised the very popular “Let’s Talk Masonry” Conference in the Spring of each of the last eleven years and has the next Conference scheduled for 2020.

Images from Let’s Talk Masonry 2019

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of the work being undertaken by this Committee, please contact the Chairman, John Porter, who will be very pleased to hear from you.

Each month when we visit our Lodge or Chapter the evening should be special and memorable, so that we look forward to our next meeting with keen anticipation. That may involve ensuring the company is good, the venue, meal and service are excellent and, as far as the meeting itself is concerned, that we learn something in an enjoyable, dignified and entertaining manner.

The latter is where your Mentor, District Mentor and indeed this committee can help: There should never be a masonic evening in which the business agenda fails to contain some valued masonic education, a short talk, a paper followed by a debate, some questions and answers etc.

Similarly the mentor, or whoever has responsibility for guiding and supporting the new brethren in your Lodge or Chapter, may want access to material that helps him to explain the ritual and symbolism, leading the new mason progressively to higher planes of understanding. The material here will help with this too.

More ambitiously, you may be running a hosted meeting and desire a ritual walk through and explanation, as where a narrator explains a ritual demonstration at various points during the workings. Such papers are available through the District Mentors.

The Solomon Initiative

You can find out more about the Solomon Initiative by following this link