Masonic Fellowships

The Association of Masonic Fellowships

What Is A Fellowship?

It is a state of being together – a communion.


Senior Citizens with Masonic connections including wives, widows and close relatives or friends, subject to each Fellowship committee’s rules, even those who have taken early retirement.

Usually there is no membership fee but there may be a small entrance fee to cover the costs of tea and biscuits.

Fellowship meetings are usually held on a regular day each month between September and May, at the relative Masonic Hall, but most Fellowships  do not meet during July and August.

Each meeting will include an interesting speaker or entertainment in addition to which there is usually a special Summer coach outing and a Christmas lunch.

Audenshaw Masonic Fellowship

There is light at the end of the tunnel 

The Fellowship welcomes all those with time on their hands, the retired, wives, widows, close relatives and friends with connections to freemasonry who have an hour to spare to enjoy good company followed by tea, biscuits and a chat.

When: The fourth Wednesday of every month

Where: Stanley House, Audenshaw

Time: 1.30pm

Speaker: 2.00pm

Cost: FREE to attend

There is no charge to attend as the Fellowship is supported, by the masons who meet at Stanley House. 

There is a raffle should you wish to take part.

 The Fellowship chairperson Donald Roberts invites you to come along to make new friends and listen to invited speakers who will share their exciting stories of their adventures.

For the following seasons programme see below.

The first guest visitor is Eric McConnell a well-known light-hearted speaker. 

Beside the Seaside beside the sea:

Before foreign travel became more affordable, the majority took their holidays in the UK.

Now because of Covid, their popularity has seen a huge resurgence. Therefore, step back in time and remember traditional British Holidays from the 50s and 60s.

Eric was a student then, who spent his summers employed in resorts around the British Isles, variously as a cabaret drummer, a redcoat, a photographer and a horse tram conductor and driver.

So, sit back and enjoy his illustrated, light-hearted, humorous recollections of Beside the Seaside beside the sea.

Fellowship Programme






Eric McConnell

Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea


Sue Holden

They Should Have Asked My Husband


Kevin Hartley

Happiness is Khaki Colour


Christmas Lunch



Mark Llewellyn

Northern Variety Stars


Joe Sambrook

Rag Bone to Rag Rugs


Brian Hallworth

Don’t Laugh at Me


Eric Lupton

The Lives and Music of Rogers and Hart


Albert Higginbottom

Albert Higginbottoms Guide to Old Age


Rochdale Masonic Fellowship

Rochdale & District Masonic Fellowship is open to all Masons, their wives and widows, together with their family and friends.
Our social events are held at 2pm., on the first Tuesday each month (except October – the 2nd Tues).  There is a nominal entrance fee to cover expenses. Coffee / Tea & biscuits are served and we have a speaker to entertain us.  We are a very friendly group and prior to the Pandemic, our numbers were growing. We hope, with your help, to restore the numbers over the coming months.
Please take this as an invitation to join us – meet old friends and make new!
Organised Events for 2021 / 2




Oct 12th

Reminiscences of a Retired Registrar

Carol Codd

Nov 2nd

AGM followed by speaker from ‘Blood Bikers’


Dec 7th

Christmas Lunch at 12.30pm. Followed by and returning by popular demand, we will be entertained by ‘Happibutterflies.’


Jan 4th

‘A Masonic Flower Festival’ – The Trials & Tribulations!  With a flower demonstration.

Pamela Crabtree-Minto

Feb 1st


Ian Jenkins

Mar 1st

Have you seen a doctor?

Rhona Catterill

Mar 25th

LADIES’ EVENING with entertainment by Adam Press – More information to follow.

April 5th

Graham, the Cheese Man (with samples)

* There will be a small surcharge

May 3th

Don’t Laugh at Me

Brian Hallworth

June 7th

Tales of the Textile Trade

Neil Morony

July 5th

Afternoon Tea – More information to follow

*There will be a surcharge

Aug 2nd

Chutney and Cheer

Melanie Latham

Sept 6th

Experiences of a BBC Reporter

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Oct 11th

Stones and Roses

Raymond Smith

Nov 3rd

AGMMore information to follow


Dec 1st

Christmas Lunch (11.30) More information will follow nearer the time.