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Lodge Secretary

Thank you for visiting this part of the Secretariat website.
This section of our website is aimed at you as the Lodge Secretary.
Your comments / suggestions on how we might improve this section would be welcomed and appreciated. Please either complete this Form
or email your comments to Susan O’Neill on:
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The Secretary’s Handbook

The Secretary’s Handbook

Online Forms

Honours Applications 2022
Documents and application forms relating to Provincial Honours for 2022 can be viewed here

Change in Membership details (Not Resignations)
To inform the Secretariat of any change in membership detail, ie change of addresses [inc email],  deaths etc please complete the online form here.

To inform the Secretariat of any resignation please complete the online form here

Change of Secretary details
To inform the Secretariat of a change of Lodge Secretary, please complete the online form here

Rule 158
An application form for an enquiry under Rule 158 can be completed here.

If you wish to apply for a Dispensation[s], please complete one of the online forms available here.

By Laws
If you wish to submit a change in your Lodge By Laws, please complete the online form here.

Guidance Notes for Lodge Celebrations
Information on organising special Lodge Celebrations eg Centenaries, Golden Jubilees, Hosted Meetings etc please
click here.

Personal 50ths / 60ths Celebrations
For information regarding Personal 50th / 60th celebrations, please click here
Please complete the Personal 50th / 60th Celebration webform, here.

Registration Form P
For guidance on completing a Registration Form, please click here. Please note this includes a sample Registration Form, that must not be used. Registration Forms are available from the Lodge Secretary, or here.
Full UGLE/SGC Data Protection Notice can be viewed, here

Hard copies of the following are also available:

NEW Craft Registration Form ‘P’ can be downloaded here
Guidance Notes for completing the Registration Form can be downloaded here
UGLE Craft Installation Return (LP&A4) can be downloaded here
Latest Circulars from the Provincial Grand Secretary can be downloaded here
The current Toast List can be downloaded here
Summons Distribution list can be downloaded here
Application for a Grand Lodge Certificate (LP & A5 Form) can be downloaded as a Word Document file here(Preferred) or as a pdf file here
Abbreviations of Craft Ranks can be found here
Information on visiting a Lodge Abroad can be downloaded here
A link to the latest copy of the Book of Constitutions.
Gift Aid – Collections taken in Lodge

Copies of the Craft Installation Work Sheet can be download in pdf format here. Or, as a Word document, here to be completed and handed to the Installation Representative.