Prestonian Lecture at Salford

Prestonian Lecture at Salford

The Salford Ionic Lodge for installed Masters is on the 17th of May this year playing host to the prestigious lecturer W.Bro Antony D G Harvey PJGD –

Tony will be presenting his 2012 Prestonian Lecture entitled “Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?

You are invited to apply for a place at the Lecture and afterwards at the festive board by contacting The Lodge Secretary: W.Bro Peter I Rees ProvSGD –

The Lectureship is a memorial to William Preston (1742-1818) the foremost Masonic educator of his age, who left a legacy to Grand Lodge to perpetuate his system of ritual lectures. The Lectureship went into abeyance in 1856 but was revived in a new form in 1924. Tony Harvey was appointed this Lectureship in 2012 and has since developed many lectures and papers given in a hectic schedule which can be found here –

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