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This is an exciting time to consider joining the Order in our Province and I’d briefly like to explain why.

So much is happening right now. Innovations with new Chapters taking over closing Chapters and providing them a new purpose have brought a wealth of new members, not just from East Lancashire but from around the world to our Province. A partnership with the Province of West Lancashire has created membership opportunities for our University Scheme members; old Chapters are connecting with our growing Lodges to provide new members with easier access to a Chapter to meet with friends old and new; a superb selection of fascinating lectures and papers to inform and inspire about who and what our Order is are available within these pages for you to explore and experience when you are a member; developments in the national repository, ‘Solomon’ is ensuring that an eclectic range of materials from colleagues nationally are constantly being added and delivered now in our Chapters adding extra value and interest to Royal Arch membership.

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent with members of Palatine 2447 Chapter which is part of the Universities Scheme

Our Chapters are changing. Many are taking on board our recommendation to split ceremonies up even further to reduce the burden of learning In doing so, ensuring that the ‘RA Experience’ is positive and memorable for all of our members for all the right reasons. And for those who have concerns about being out/driving in the evenings or simply do not have a free evening, our daytime Chapters are flourishing and also worth considering.

All in all, the time is right to be looking at that next step in your Masonic journey – a journey into the Holy Royal Arch – be that as a new member or a re-joining one.

There are so many ways to access information about joining.

Every Lodge has a Lodge Royal Arch Representative, but any member wearing a Royal Arch jewel in your Lodge is there to point you in the right direction. Similarly, each District has a Royal Arch District Officer (RADO) who is more than happy to discuss membership and the wider Order. Just visit our online Provincial Almanac to contact him

And look out on the Provincial Calendar for all the events we run, presentations which are delivered and ‘red table events’ for Brethren to attend and discover more.

The Holy Royal Arch is so much more than another set of regalia, another ceremony. It is a vital step in your Masonic life which brings new understanding, friendships, enjoyment and completes the journey in pure and antient Freemasonry.

Please feel free to browse this website and find out more. I look forward to having the pleasure of meeting you and welcoming you into the Holy Royal Arch. And if you are already a member. Thank you. Thank you for what you are doing and continue to. And don’t forget to look out for those potential members and be prepared to answer their questions! And if they do take that step into membership, be there for them and welcome them to their new family as a Companion of the Order.

Martin Paul Roche

Deputy Grand Superintendent

Holy Royal Arch Chapter of East Lancashire

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The ceremony in the Royal Arch is colourful, thought provoking and uplifting. It is based upon the Old Testament legend of the rebuilding of the Temple and invokes, simultaneously, sensations of humility and our dependence on our unseen creator.

Royal Arch Lectures

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