Royal Arch Lectures


Chapter Presentations for You

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Lecture 1               Explanation of the Royal Arch Jewel
Lecture 2               Moses, Aholiab and Bezaleel
Lecture 3               Was there ever such a change?
Lecture 4               Looking Back 200 Years
Lecture 5               Craft to the Royal Arch
Lecture 6               Historical Lecture
Lecture 7               Symbolical Lecture
Lecture 8               Mystical Lecture
Lecture 9               Traditional History – the Biblical Background
Lecture 10             Explanation of some Royal Arch Features
Lecture 11              Royal Arch Closing Eulogy
Lecture 12              Peerings from within the Royal Arch
Lecture 13              Readings for Peerings
Lecture 14              The Story of the two Scribes
Lecture 15              Origins of the Royal Arch
Lecture 16              The Chapter Offices
Lecture 17              The Grand Sanhedrin
Lecture 18              The Legend of the Royal Arch
Lecture 19              Why did King Cyrus let them go ?
Lecture 20              Is the Royal Arch the Supreme Degree ?
Lecture 21               Why Royal, Why Holy and Why Arch ?
Lecture 22               Lecture 1
Lecture 23               Lecture 2
Lecture 24               Royal Arch No 3 – The Sacred Pedestal
Lecture 25               Adding Drama to the Ceremony of Exaltation
Lecture 26               Royal Arch Presentation in a Lodge
Lecture 27                Just where is it we meet ?
Lecture 28               What we have forgotten about Royal Arch Masonry?
Lecture 29               Interesting variations in present Royal Arch Chapters
Lecture 30               Mystical Characteristics
Lecture 31                Two Oldest Warranted Chapters
Lecture 32                The Janitors Card and Setting the Scene
Lecture 33                Early Royal Arch Regalia
Lecture 34                Companions, whence come ye ?
Lecture 35                Royal Arch History 1
Lecture 36                Royal Arch History 2
Lecture 37                Royal Arch History 3
Lecture 38                Short Stories for the Royal Arch, People and Objects
Lecture 39                Royal Arch Stories, The Tribes to the Sojourners
Lecture 40                The Royal Arch Banners, The Twelve Tribes
Lecture 41                The Banners
Lecture 42                The Platonic Bodies
Lecture 43                Stories Behind The Names in Royal Arch Freemasonry

The Province of East Lancashire would like to acknowledge that various papers have been reproduced by the kind permission of EComp Peter Mason, PGSwdB, Deputy Grand Superintendent for the Province of Cumberland and Westmoreland.